Therese Hutzler Kahn, 1904-1942

What We Know:
Birth Name: Hutzler
First Name: Therese
Date/Place of Birth: 07 November 1904/Forth, Bayern
Date/Place of Death: unknown/unknown [assumed 1942/Izbica]
Husband: Julius Joseph Kahn, b. 1896 Themar
Age at Death: 38 years

We know about Therese Hutzler because of documents in the National Archives of Australia because her husband, Julius Kahn, was sent to Australia in 1940 as an alleged ‘enemy alien.’ Julius had escaped to England from Germany before WWII started; whether or not there were plans for Therese and their two daughters to follow him is not known. What is known is that Therese did not escape, but was trapped in Germany and deported to Izbica in March 1942.
We know that Julius and Therese had two daughters from the entry on the Report on Internee, dated September 18, 1940. From documentation provided by Gerhard Jochen on JewishGen, Nürnberg’s Victims of the Shoah, it seems highly probable that Betty Kahn and Hannelore Kahn were the daughters of Julius and Therese Hutzler Kahn. Betty and Hannelore were both living at the same address in Nürnberg as Therese in 1942 and the three were deported on the same deportation to Izbica on March 24, 1942.