The Frankenberg Families

Two brothers, Löb and Nathan Frankenberg, came to Themar from Marisfeld in the late 1860s. They called themselves the “Gebrüder Frankenberg” and were called that by other residents. Initially the men and their families lived in rented quarters in Töpfermarkt in front of the church behind the Apotheke. Recent construction allowed a look into the back court of the quarters where the families lived (see photo below). The Frankenberg brothers were cattle dealers and there was abundant grazing meadows both inside and outside the city walls at the time of their settlement. Later, when settlement was allowed outside the city wall they built a large house in Bernhardtstrasse (now Lenin Strasse).


We know quite a bit about the family of Löb & Jette Frankenberg. They had already formed a family of seven children at the time of their move to Themar and all family members played an important role in the life of the city.

See: Löb and Jette Frankenberg Descendants/Nachkommen List.

Other than the name — Nathan Frankenberg, b. abt. 1820 — we have no details about Löb’s brother.

There is another Nathan Frankenberg who plays a role in the story of Themar’s Jewish community. This is Nathan Frankenberg, b. 1863 in Marisfeld, who married Minna Gassenheimer (of the family of Samuel & Lotte Gassenheimer) in 1894. His parents came from Mühlberg (Elbe) and Waldorf. Please see this page for some detail of his story.